Will an Ohio opossum under a shed or porch have a nest of babies?

With a short gestation period of just about two weeks and a pouch in which little joeys are nurtured after birth, the mother Akron opossum is quite literally walking nest. A mother opossum can have up to 20 newborn opossums that then go into the pouch to develop fully and mature. Only half of the original number usually reaches the fully developed stage. This means that it is very possible for an opossum under the shed or porch to have a nest of babies.

It will only take at least a month or two months before there is a whole family of opossums living under the shed. Having sneezing like sound coming from under the porch or the shed will be a clear sign that you have an opossum with little joeys living there. Their mother also replies to the sneezing by clicking to attract her babies’ attention.

Should an Akron opossum have a nest under your shed or porch, you might need to remove the mother and the little babies in order to get rid of the menace completely. This activity should be undertaken with a lot of care without mistreating the animals unnecessarily.

In case the baby opossums are still too young, you will be in luck because they will all be in their mother’s marsupial pouch. This means that capturing the mother will effectively mean you will have taken her babies along with her. You can also find the little ones attached to their mother’s back as they still wean. This will also make it easy to capture both mother and babies at the same time.

Having the mother separated from the babies is a nightmare you don’t want to live in. This is especially if the little joeys are developed enough to be able to survive on their own and grow into their full potential. Your best option in this case would be to reunite the mother with the babies or remove the babies separately which can be quite hectic if you consider the number of babies that could be involved.

The best way to handle an opossum that has a nest of babies in your compound is to call in professionals. This is because they would know the proper way to handle the young ones in a humane way that is safe for them. Professionals will also help you remove all the opossums from your compound and relocate them elsewhere.

While having an entire nest of baby opossums living under your shed or porch may sound like a nasty situation to be in, you might need to press pause on any decisions that may be harmful to them. This is because opossums pose less health hazards when they are alive than they would if they were dead.

Having professionals deal with the situation will also enable them remove all the potentially harmful droppings that come with opossums. Moreover, you don’t want to get in trouble with wildlife control for mistreatment of baby possums.

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